In cooking fever you have to serve the guests of your restaurant, the faster you do that the happier they are and the more money you get in form of a extra tip. So in the best case you serve them directly after they ordered. That this isnt possible for every order should be clear. At the beginning you can only serve simple courts such as burgers. Later on if you moved on in the story of the game you will unlock more restaurants as a mexican one or italian. There are nearly all foods avaialable. So if you like cooking the game is perfect for you. With a growing restaurant you have to server more customers from level to level that means its getting more and more difficult. Dont underestimate this the difficulty is growing very fast which is the only problem of the game as well as that youre out of energy pretty fast. By that increasing difficult you sometimes have to buy gems or play long time to get enough money for upgrading your kitchen. This is kind of exhausting and doesnt mae that much fun playing the same level again and again. But theres a solution for this it’s called Cooking Fever Hack. This online hack will make you able to generate as much Gems and Gold in Cooking Fever as you’d like to. With these resources¬† there is no need to play levels over and over again to get enough resources for an upgrade you can just buy them if you like to. Energy shouldn’t be a problem aswell as you can use your Gems to refill it everytime you ran out of Energy. By these benefits the game will become more fun then you ever thought it could be.
You may ask yourself now how to make use of the cooking fever hack? It’s pretty easy you just have to visit the developers website. Press the button to get redirected to the hack tool. Then you will have to select your platform and as next enter your Cooking Fever username and hit connect button. After it connected successfull to the server you will be able select the amount of resources you want to generate. After the tool finished the process wait a few minutes and your resources will appear on your account.

The Cooking fever cheats is completely undetected so you dont have to worry that your account is getting banned. A anti-ban script is hiding the whole process behind a in-app purchase. Additionally the connection to the Cooking fever server is made through a proxy where every data is sent encrypted. So there is nearly no chance on getting banned. Since the release of the tool there never was a ban.

Features of the Cooking Fever Hack?

  • Anti-Ban Script.
  • Easy to use.
  • steady updates.
  • unlimited gems.
  • gets synced to the game server daily.
  • unlimited gold.